Sunday, December 20, 2009

a bitter-sweet ending

I graduated from Kennesaw State University last week with my BBA in Management. I learned the morning of graduation that I was Magna Cum Laude, finishing with a 3.77 GPA - pretty impressive, huh?! haha Well, it'll only be impressive if it lands me a job sometime soon...

My friend Christina and I ran into Dr. Papp, the president of KSU, after the ceremony and got a picture with him. Pretty cool, huh?
So, that's where I'm at - an unemployed college grad... and a homeless one at that! Sounds thrilling, I know. I'm both hopeful and terrified for what's coming up next.

I'm moving out of quite possibly the best set up I could ask for in a few weeks. I've lived in my town home for 2.5. years, and quite frankly I don't want to leave. (Well, I wish I could move it down to Atlanta.) I just threw my last house party there the other night - a joint grad party for some friends and I. It was one of the best! Here's one of the few pictures I have from that night:
The plan (for now) is to move into my sister's house in Woodstock, save up some money, and move down to Atlanta in a few months. Hopefully by then I'll also have a job in Atlanta, and then life will be good again. Until then it's cover letters and positive thoughts.

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